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Lesson 15: Take Chances

The more chances we take, the more likely we are to succeed massively.

Think of this as walking around with a bow and arrow, shooting at every passing target(s), the more we shoot, the more likely we are to hit the targets. The most successful people in life never woke up, to success, just one day without having tried so many times.

I also imagine the experience that comes with trying more and more. The skill we get to perfect, the tact. In short, this is a corollary of Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000hour rule.

For this, I say, don’t just wait for the legendary ‘perfect moment,’, keep trying, keep grabbing opportunities, keep taking chances, and success shall truly be yours.

Life Lessons


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When Year 2014 began, my first resolutions was that I make it a duty of some sorts to, at least, learn a life lesson every week. So far, these are the lessons I’ve learnt that I think will be great if you, dear reader, learnt too:

Lesson One:

There is no better world without compassion.

Lesson Two:

Success comes in three ways:
1. Maniacal determination
2. Loving what we do, doing what we love.
3. Both

Lesson Three:

If you have the ability to conceive it, then you definitely have the capacity to achieve it.

Lesson Four:

Peace comes from awareness and appreciation of the great beauty and ambience most things and people around us radiate. Happiness comes from silencing chaos within ourselves.

Lesson Five:

In this life, more than anything else, relationships matter the most. Invest in them.

Lesson Six:

Suffering is not senseless. It teaches us Compassion, without which our lives are empty.

Lesson Seven.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose. “
:- Adapted from Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Lesson Eight.

We never know until we inquire. We never grow our minds, unless we imagine. We never develop intellectually, unless curiosity becomes a way we live.

Lesson Nine (In Questions)

Why is self- acceptance so difficult in this world we live in? Why are people always trying to be what they are not?
Isn’t it true that the leading cause of suffering in our societies is people trying to be different from who they
are? People living ‘fake’ lives? People trying very hard to conform? Tafakari haya.

Lesson Ten:

With knowledge comes the ability to discern real life choices from the unreal. With it comes the appreciation of limitless potential in a world of elusive, but unlimited opportunities.

Lesson Eleven:

Take note of our own errors in introspection so as not to judge others only by the consequences of their actions while judging ourselves by our own intentions/ motives. In other words, practise Mindfulness.

Lesson Twelve:

The secret to success? Failure. To mastery? Focus! This is my simplest (but not necessarily easiest) lesson this year.

Lesson Thirteen:

Until you learn to love yourself, you can never truly love others. Until you learn to understand and appreciate yourself, you can never truly be compassionate.

Lesson Fourteen:

To know what you really want in life, study your fears. To know how to get to where you want to go in life, study
the excuses you usually give. It then follows that to get what we want in life, we have to stop giving excuses and start conquering our fears. The first excuse we are more likely to give in this case is, its tough getting to do the above, and the first step is dealing with this excuse.

Cheers and Share these lessons if you find them useful, and I hope you will.

Via Man Wale’s Thoughtless Contemplations. 

Life, The River

Life is like a river: The winding paths are a perfect definition of our life’s journey: we start our so pure, strong and true, we find tough rocks and boulders along the way, and sometimes we’ve got to seep into the earth to find our way across challenges. We pick impurities, vices, virtues as we gracefully move down…We also make friends (tributaries) that make us stronger and stronger. And as we near the end, we would have grown, expanded our experiences and perfected the art of picking only the good (silt). Our own lives serve as support systems for others that need us, and with whom our lives get meaning. What we call an ending, is only a step in continuum as we find more and more of us, those with whom we share experiences, awareness (oceans).

Just like in the depths of rivers, we get peace, not by looking outwards for answers, but by looking deeper in, accepting that which we cannot change, and improving that which we can. Compassion and hope, is our spring. It is what rejuvenates us, gives us that push we strongly need. It is what enables us to cut through challenges, problems the way small rivers cut through rocks upstream to form the river bed. Patience is what allows us to slowly go from going in bends and arcs, to going in straight paths, the ones that define who are and what we really want in life. It is what sees us through to fulfilling our whole life’s purpose.

Via Man Wale’s Random

Greed: How and Why?

I just realized that contrary to popular opinion, greedy people actually have their limits: They always are so satisfied by that urge to have more and more, they are satisfied by greed itself.  

But then again, I do not fail to realize that ‘greedy’ people are not greedy by default. People want more and more (until its too much) because they feel insufficient, and this is probably because people fail to realize that it makes not so much difference having too much of things that end up being of no use, that satisfaction only comes after accepting who we are and who we’ve always been.

Business Lesson of the Day

 The tough of any continuous journey is not in the beginning, or the end, but in the journey itself…The maintenance or upping of standards. Beginnings and endings require only courage, the other part (s) strength.  
Beginners (start-ups) will tell you they began by having closed their eyes then jumping, experts will tell you they kept going by gnashing teeth without losing strength especially when the strength-bucket is running really low.

Lesson of the Day:

Art is a representation of the earth. An imitation, simulation which gets harder and harder to understand the more complete it is. It is also easily misunderstood the less complete it is. Art, done in moderation, is a gamble that brings bits of priceless knowledge, and understanding. The good, or bad thing, about it, is that it has never been complete, and probably never will…It will only always transcend the hands on time.

“Art is never complete(d), it is only abandoned.” :- Leornado Da Vinci

Via Man Wale’s Random Lessons

Our Trees, A Short Tribute

They Whisper, Plead and bleed. They grow, mature on difficult earth. They are mindful yet stay so confident and true. Always calm but dance gracefully to the wind that sings. They humbly adapt to the changing seasons without lamenting. I wonder if they too suffer, every time they are hurt,  in the hands of mindless of sons of men.

The Hardship Paradox

Basing on the logic behind The Friendship Paradox, I propose another: The Hardship Paradox. The Friendship Paradox states that for every person, their friend(s) have more friends than themselves. This therefore, also means that, in the case of the Hardship Paradox, for every person, the person they meet is fighting a harder battle than themselves. And this further inspires me to propose that for every person we meet, we’d be doing service to humanity by treating them well, not forgetting the power of smiles!

Our Mistake

The mistake many of us make: We look for inspiration and enlightenment outside of ourselves…We easily forget that we can always get our answers by asking  and engaging deeply, the person we see when we look in the mirror.

Via Man Wale’s Random

Face that Fear, and Live!

It is when we begin to face our shortcomings, when we stop fearing to lose, that we wake to a new dawn of freedom. It is when w begin to stand up against the ills of the living,  that we overcome death. It is when we stop fearing death, that we begin to Live!

Via Man Wale’s Random


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